viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Now you write.

This film is the winner of the First 3D Animation Short Film Competition in Nepal. It is about a boy who woke up one morning and there was no light, or not enough!

 Watch it and describe what happened to him. Remember to use different TYPES OF SENTECES!!!


Write one sentence  in each COMMENT and send it. The following student has to read it, continue the story USING A DIFFERENT TYPE OF SENTENCE!

REMEMBER to use:

  • Narrative tenses (Simple Past, Past Continuous and Past Perfect)
  • a variety of verbs: wake up, be, get up, ring, turn down, tiurn off, put, open, close, fall, open, close, swing, realize, think, see, sit, read, type, etc.
  • Good linkers of  TIME (first, then, later, before, while), REASON (so, because), CONCESION (if, unless),CONTRAST (but, however), among others.

stella :-)

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